Medical Weight Loss

Welcome to the “new you”.   Our medical weight loss program has been used for over 20  years to help thousands of patients lose weight and start a new, healthy lifestyle.  Not only will you look better, you will feel amazing!

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Why are we different?

For most people weight loss is not simply a matter of eating too much and exercising too little (if only the diagnosis were that “easy”).  Whether you have an existing medical condition or have developed issues over years of cyclical weight gain/loss, unhealthy food choices, chemicals in foods, etc., the body in an unbalanced and sub-optimized state makes successful weight management nearly impossible.  Our program utilizes comprehensive laboratory testing to identify medically why a patient keeps gaining weight or can’t lose weight — and we treat these conditions medically!

 How much does it cost?

Start-up is only $249, plus $149 per month.

What you can expect:

Initial consultation.  This includes your initial consultation and basic diet medication/supplements for the first month.  We will draw your blood for laboratory analysis during this initial visit (labs are billed through your insurance provider*).

Treatment Plan (one week later).  Once we have your laboratory results, we identify any other issues that are hindering your weight loss or causing your body to be “unbalanced.”  Our staff will review your nutrition & treatment plan and any additional medications that are needed.

Check up (monthly).  Patients return monthly (until you have reached your goal) to measure your weight loss progress, check your vitals and re-fill your medications (basic diet medications are included in the monthly charge;  Additional medications, if any, are additional).

*We offer a “cash pay” option for laboratory panel — just ask us.

Is your body ready & able to lose weight?

Have you ever struggled with losing (and then keeping off) those unwanted pounds?  If you are like most chronic dieters, you try something new, lose a few pounds and then gain at least that many more back.  Consider this:  Maybe the problem is not the diet, but your body.  With a history of “diet / re-gain” cycles, environmental toxins and processed foods, our bodies can’t always adapt.  There are quite often far from “normal”, and certainly not optimized for long term weight management, health and wellness.

At Rebalance|Biohealth, our Medical Weight Loss approach is different.   First, we use extensive blood panel analysis to find the underlying root problems.  Common issues include hypothyroidism, insulin resistance and hormone imbalance.  Until these key issues are diagnosed and treated, success in dieting will always be limited, if not futile.  Unfortunately, these issues not only make weight management difficult (or near impossible), they affect a person’s mental focus and drive to succeed with their weight management goals.   The result is a viscous cycle of poor eating and reduced desire for physical activity – and the problem worsens.

Even if short term results are achieved with diet, the success is rarely sustainable and often results in even higher weight levels once the diet is completed.

These are medical issue requiring medical attention.


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How do I start?

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